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Well, I did a thing. I bought into the Thrive Experience. As successful as I have been lately on keto, I just haven’t been getting the results I desire. I’ve seen numerous people on my social media feeds who are doing this Thrive thing and losing weight and feeling great so this month I said, I’m going to do something for me. My Thrive box arrived yesterday. I do want to say that I am proud of myself for taking this step. As a mom, it is so difficult to focus on yourself for any length/duration of time.

Today is my first day. I took “before” pictures this morning. It is kind of startling to see how I really look, just bare. I think I use clothes to hide my stretch marks and cellulite, even though they don’t really hide anything. Pre-pregnanc I didn’t really understand what it is that your body goes through so that you are able to BIRTH a child. I am so thankful for my strong and mostly healthy body, I just want to love the skin that I am in so I can teach my daughter how to do that.

I hope that I can have one of those awesome transformation stories. I mean, I know I can. It’s up to me.

We also got another dumbbell to add to our home gym. Next to buy replacement resistance bands (husband broke ours… lol) but I do think some good ol’ yoga will do me good for a few days. Need to stretch really well and help some of these toxins escape my body! One of my favorite yogis to follow is Sarah Beth on YouTube. This is the video I’ll be checking out today: 15 minute Full Body Yoga Stretch for Stiff & Tight Muscles.

I have read that the Thrive Experience also works very well with the ketogenic diet, so we will continue to eat keto with hopefully some awesome weight loss and detox results in the near future!

I’m going to try very hard to document my experience with the Thrive products on my blog.

Cheers to a transformation! And cheers to loving myself!